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Lord Bal Ganesh Vehicle/Vahana mouse Krauncha story

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bal ganesh with mouse

See i have come with one of my best friend--the MOUSE.
Let me introduce my friend 2 all of u.
His name is "KRAUNCHA".This Mouse is my vehicle/vahana and also my friend with whom i play and fight with all the troubles.

So today in this post,i will tell u the story of my Mouse Krauncha.

In the eight incarnations/avatars of Lord Ganesh, Lord Ganesh has a mouse(shrew) in five of the avatars, Ganesh uses a lion in his incarnation as Vakratunda, a peacock in his incarnation of Vikata, and Shesha,
 the divine serpent, in his incarnation as Vighnaraja.
Of the four incarnations of Lord Ganesh listed in the Ganesh Purana, Mohotkata has a lion,Mayūreśvara has a peacock, Dhumraketu has a horse, and Gajanana has a mouse.

However, most often, we see Lord Ganesh riding on or attended by a mouse,shrew or rat. The mouse began to be the principal vehicle/vahana in most of the sculptures of Lord Ganesh in India and the mouse is always placed close to Ganesh feet.
The mouse as a mount first appears in written sources in the Puranas like Matsya Purana, Brahmananda Purana and Ganesh Purana, where Ganesh uses it as his vehicle/vahana only in his last incarnation. The Ganapati Atharvashirsa includes a meditation verse on Ganesh that describes the mouse appearing on his flag.

The mythological story, about the mouse goes like this:

      "Lord Ganesh's vehicle/vahana (Mushika/Mouse) was originally Gandharva Krauncha, a celestial musician-god.

One day, in the court of Lord Indra,there was a musical function,where many of the rishi munis and other gods were also invited and Krauncha was also called to the court.
When Lord Indra called Krauncha to come near, Krauncha was so excited that in his (Krauncha) way  he accidentally stepped on the foot of Muni Vamadeva, he and all the other Munis, got angry and enraged and cursed Krauncha to become a mouse.

Krauncha Mouse

And Krauncha became a huge sized mouse and the Krauncha Mouse started damaging everything in its path. The Krauncha Mouse started to destory all the food grains,clothes,ate the pages of the purans and vedas.

Once, the  Krauncha Mouse steppes in to the ashram of Maharshi Parashar, who worship Lord Ganesh. The Mouse started destroying the things and other items in the ashram. Everyone tried to catch the mouse but were unable to to get rid of the mouse.
Then, Maharshi Parashar prayed Lord Ganesh -" O Lord, please help us in getting rid of the huge demon like mouse and save our ashram". 
Lord Ganesh listened the pray of Maharshi Parashar and came to help him. 

Lord Ganesh in order to teach Krauncha Mouse a lesson,Ganesh with his intelligence tied a rope to the mouse and he was unable to get out of it. The mouse tried his best to come out but finally Krauncha gave up and started pleading at the feet of Lord Ganesh to release him ,to pardon him. 
Lord Ganesh then said to the mouse that, "Krauncha...you have caused a lot of trouble all over the world and you
deserve a severe punishment. But since you (the Mouse) had surrendered and asked for my forgiveness, I will pardon you and i will grant u a wish".
But, the Krauncha Mouse has a nature pride.Tthat when Ganesh released him and asked his wish, then the  Mouse proudly said that, "I don't want any wish,in fact u (Lord Ganesh) ask me a wish?"
Seeing the pride of this huge little  mouse,Ganesh said,"Ok fine from today on wards u (mouse) will be my mode of transport i.e. my vehicle/vahana". Soon after telling his (Ganesh) wish,Lord Ganesh mounted on his vehicle/vahana i.e on the Krauncha Mouse and the mouse couldn't bear weight of GaneshKrauncha Mouse came to his sense and was sorry for his behavioral. And  Krauncha pleaded for Ganesh to become light-weight so that he could support him. 
Lord Ganesh obliged and since then, Ganesh been using the mouse as his vehicle/vahana.
Lord Ganesh is known as the Conqueror of Obstacles (Vighnaharta) and with his Mouse he  goes to places to help his devotees. 
lord ganesh on his mouse

Now Watch the Video of the story and u will know more clearly how the mouse became Ganesh's vechile/vahana.
Click here to download:

Now check out the pics of Lord Ganesh with his Mouse pics:

lord ganesh with his vahana mouse

Hope u all like the story and the pictures.