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Lord Ganesh Story cursing Moon

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Ganapatti bappa with Sai baba

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See in this post Lord Ganesh is with "Sai Baba". So, u all might be thinking that 2day's story is about "Sai Baba". But, no its not.........  Today's story is about the one who is at the back of us i.e. the "MOON".

In this story, you all will get to know Why Lord Ganesh cursed the Moon god? Why we all don't see the Moon god on Ganesh Chaturthi

The story goes like this......................................

            Once Lord Brahma came to meet Lord Shiva to Kailash. When they were talking with each other a saint named Narada Muni came there. And he offered Lord Shiva a fruit as a sacrifice. Nearby Lord Shiva's two sons, Lord Ganesh and Lord Kartikeya were playing and when they saw the fruit they both wanted the fruit. Lord Ganesh and Lord Kartikeya started fighting and yelling for the fruit. And Lord Shiva couldn't decide whom to give, so he asked the wise lord Brahma to decide who should eat the fruit.

        Lord Brahma said  Lord Kartikeya should get the fruit because he was younger, and so Lord Kartikeya ate the sweet fruit. And Lord Ganesh got very angry on Lord Brahma

         One day when Lord Shiva went to meet Lord Brahma in Satya lok, Lord Ganesh also went with him. In Lord Brahma's place, Lord Shiva was talking with a saint, seeing that Lord Shiva's attention is some where else, Lord Ganesh  got a chance to take revenge on lord Brahma for that fruit. So , Lord Ganesh started frightening Lord Brahma in his scariest form. And Lord Brahma was really scared! All this activity was being watched by the Moon god, who was on the head of Lord Shiva and he started laughing on Lord Ganesh's childish behavior.The Moon God,laughed  and laughed at silly Ganesh who was so greedy that he couldn't give the fruit to his father or his little brother, and so babyish that Lord Ganesh couldn't control his anger.

Lord Ganesh cusing Moon

Now Lord Ganesh turned all his anger on Chandra,the Moon.  And Lord Ganesh said,
                "I'll get you, Moon! I'll curse you ! 
Moon,You laughed at my look and made fun of  the Lord Ganesh, so from today on wards if anyone who looks at the Moon,he will also be cursed themselves and will do something wrong. 
So nobody in the Universe will ever look at the Moon again!"  By hearing this all were shocked and also the Moon god, who was proud for his beauty. The Moon was ashamed of this and Moon hid himself. When all the other gods heard about this situation all felt very bad. So they all together prayed Lord Ganesh to forgive the Moon and return him his beauty back. 
       Mean while Lord Indra called the Moon and asked him to recite Lord Ganesh's  Ekaksha mantra. Accordingly     the Moon recited the mantra and meditated the mantra for twelve years to get out of the curse. Seeing that the Moon is regretting, Lord Ganesh was pleased and blessed him,
                   "May you get back your beauty and of every month of Krishna Chaturthi until your (the Moon) darshan is not taken Lord Ganesh's worship will not be complete. Only by taking the Moon's darshan all the devotees will eat and break their fast. And also i (Lord Ganesh) will wear one of the Moon's art on my head with pride . But on Bhadrab Chaturthi, if any one looks at the Moon,will be cursed and the one who had looked at the Moon will face problem."

            After getting this blessing the Moon's ugliness vanished and the Moon became bright as before. And from that day on wards the Moon on Lord Ganesh's head looks admirable and therefore he is also known as Bhalchandra.


 So this is how the story of Lord Ganesh and the Moon goes. From this story we came to know why we all shouldn't see the Moon on Ganesh Chaturthi and also why Lord Ganesh is also called as Bhalchandra

 Hope you all had enjoyed the story and now enjoy the video of this story with some of the images and pictures of Lord Ganesh with the Moon.

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