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Lord Ganesh race with brother Lord Kartikeya of revolving around the earth story

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lord ganesh with his mouse

Welcome to one more Story of Lord Ganesh.

In this image, Lord Ganesh is with his Vahana,the Mooshak Raj.
Today's Story is about Lord Ganesh and Lord Ganesh's  brother,Lord Kartikeya and a race between the brothers with their Vahanas.

In the last Story we all came to know why Lord Ganesh is worshiped first and is given the first priority in all and every task. So, this is the reason of the race between the two brothers--Lord Ganesh and Lord Kartikeya.
And the Story goes like this...................

Lord Ganesh, the elder brother,was very intelligent and wise in nature. And, Lord Kartikeya was very impatient and short tempered. 

They both possessed different nature and different physical qualities, thus some time they had serious arguments or fight as every brother have in a family.

Once Lord Ganesh and Lord Kartikeya had a serious argument on their strength and wisdom. And  Lord Kartikeya was already upset because of the priorities and importance that every one gave Lord Ganesh.

So, Lord Ganesh and brother Lord Kartikeya both approached to Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati for final settlement and justice. 

After hearing both of them Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati declared that among the two brotherswho will first complete the race of revolving around the earth three times would be the winner and the winner will get a prize too and the prize was a fruit,which was given by their guards and the parents were not able to decide whom to give the fruit......whether to Ganesh or to Kartikeya. And this confusion of giving the fruit was solved by the two brothers.

As Lord Ganesh's vahana is a 'Mouse',like wise Lord Kartikeya's vahana is a 'Peacock'.

Lord Kartikeya

Without any delay Lord Kartikeya sat on his “Vahana”, the peacockand started his journey of revolving around the earth and travelling across the mountains, the sea and the rest of the universe. Lord Kartikeya also offered prayers from the devotees whom he saw in his journey.

                  But big bellied Ganesh  knew that with his “Vahana” the little mouse, he can’t win the race of revolving around the earth.
So,Lord Ganesh stopped and thought for a while. 

Suddenly  Lord Ganesh got an idea; Ganesh made Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati to sit together and revolved around them thrice. 

When Lord Kartikeya returned after successfully completing his three rounds, Kartikeya  saw Ganesh already present there.

 Kartikeya  could not understand why Ganesh is sitting rather than completing his task and blamed his brother Ganesh for being unjust.

 Lord Ganesh told him that he had completed his round not once but thrice.

 Ganesh said his parents are his earth and the whole world , thus he proved himself by revolving them.

 Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati was very pleased with Ganesh and boon him with the first one to be worshipped by people before starting any work and also the intelligent and clever among the two brothers. And also Lord Ganesh will be the head of the Ganas and other celestial bodies.

Although Lord Kartikeya was satisfied by the explanation of Lord Ganesh,but Lord Kartikeya had also lost his patience and thought that his parents especially his mother was partial to him. 

And the angry Lord Kartikeya took a pledge, not to see any women face from that day onward,specially his mother's  face. 

Lord Kartikeya kept his words and that’s why in many temples of Lord Kartikeya women’s are not allowed to enter.

click here to download the video and enjoy the story:

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Lord Ganesh race with Lord Kartikeya of revolving around the earth


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