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Story of Lord Bal Ganesh first worship

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Lord Ganesh


my dear loved ones............. 

before starting the story, a 

warm welcome and a very very 

happy new year to all of you 

from Lord Ganesh

"Om Gum Ganapataye Namo Namaha.
Shri Siddhivinayaka Namo Namaha.
Ashtavinayaka Namo Namaha.
                                                  Ganpati Bappa Morya."

"May this new year brings lots of joy,fun,luck,happiness,health,wealth, and lots more to fulfill everyone's dreams."

With this wish and hope lets start today's story. And the story is about the  worshiping Lord Ganesh first
Why all of us worship of Lord Ganesh first before worshiping any other God or before doing any task?

               Lord Ganesh is the first deity to be worshiped before starting any new task. Lord Ganesh is considered the first lord according to the scriptures. Lord Ganesh is the lord of intelligence.

Lord Ganesh is worshiped first before starting a new task because Lord Ganesh is the destroyer of all obstacles. Lord Ganesh is also the lord of wealth.

               There are many stories about the worshiping Lord Ganesh before worshiping any other Lord. The story is that................
               Lord Ganesh was blessed by the other Supreme God and Goddess that Lord Ganesh will become the supreme power of all the Lords
When Lord Ganesh had become the elephant headed god,that is Lord Ganesh's head was replaced by an elephant head, Lord Brahma had promised Goddess Parvati that he will give the supreme power to Lord Ganesh. And as per this condition Lord Brahma,Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu,the three supreme powers blessed Bal Ganesh.

This story was also earlier mentioned in the Post of Lord Ganesh Birth Story.  Thus, "Wherever there is Lord Ganesh, there is Success and Prosperity" and "Wherever there is Success and Prosperity there is Lord Ganesh". 

Lord Ganapatti

Lord Ganesh is the lord of wisdom,
Lord Ganesh is the lord of intelligence, 
Lord Ganesh is the lord of education,
Lord Ganesh is the lord of prudence, 
Lord Ganesh is the lord of luck and fortune,
Lord Ganesh is the lord of gates, doors, doorways, 
Lord Ganesh is the lord of household and 
Lord Ganesh is the lord of writing. 

  Lord Ganesh is the lord of  Lords and is therefore the First Lord to be worshiped to start any or every work.

 Lord Ganesh is the remover of obstacles, and believed to be the harbinger of good fortune.

Vighneshwara,Lord Ganesh is the Lord of all obstacles, worshiped in the initiation of all the Hindu rituals and ceremonies. 

As  Lord Ganesh name suggests Vighneshwara removes all obstacles. 
So,Lord Ganesh is invoked when beginning worship or starting any new task.

    So,we all should keep in mind that when ever we will pray or worship,first we should worship Lord Ganesh and start our work.

A related story of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesh........................

"A say that neither peace nor war action, nor daily business can be succeeded unless Lord Ganesh has been worshiped.

Lord Ganesh should be worshiped by everybody who is wishing to get success.
 Even worshiping other gods would be inefficient if prior worship to Lord Ganesh had not been achieved.
And this is not only for human beings, it is also applicable to the celestial bodies too.

Thus,once when Lord Shiva left to fight with the demons of the Tripura city, Lord Shiva forgot his own rule and rushed to the battle. 

However, when Lord Shiva  embarked on his carriage, the wheel peg broke and the cart was stopped.

Lord Shiva was surprised how could such an accident could happen to him. After a while Lord Shiva realized that he had 
forgotten to worship Lord Ganesh before his departure, and this was the cause of his obstacle.

Thus, Lord Shiva worshipped his son's name,i.e. Lord Ganesh's name and could proceed to the Tripuratanka battle and he won successfully."

A father worshiping his son....!!!...........its strange but true. From this we can imagine how mighty and powerful Lord Ganesh is.

Now lets enjoy a video related to the worship of Lord Ganesh.
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Hope you all like the story of our favorite Lord Ganesh

worshiping Lord Ganesh


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