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Lord Ganesh teaches Lord Kuber a lesson Story

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Bal Ganesh

hello.......friends !!!
Welcome 2 one more Story of Lord Bal Ganesh.
 In this picture of Bal Ganesh you all can see Ganesh enjoying the delicious food. This picture of Lord Ganesh is taken from a feast where Bal Ganesh was invited.

So today's 
Story is all about the feast that Bal Ganesh has attended in Lord Kuber's Palace. And about the pride of Lord Kuber  for the wealth that he had and the lesson that kuber learned.

Friends, no matter how rich and wealthy we become we should never take undue pride in our material or spiritual accomplishments. 

As per the old saying "Pride always leads to a fall"  and this is proved true in the following Story of Lord Ganesh and Lord Kuber. And the Story goes like this.................

                Once Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were talking with each other in Mount Kailash and the little 
Bal Ganesh was playing near them.  
                 At that time Lord Kuber (the God of wealth) came to Kailash .

Before moving further let me tell you all about Lord Kuber.

Lord Kuber

From the picture itself you can imagine that Lord Kuber is very rich.

                Lord Kuber is the God of wealth. 

              Lord Kuber is worshiped by trading or business communities . 

           Lord Kuber is also worshiped on Diwali with 
Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi.

            Lord Kuber maintains the treasures on earth and protects the riches buried inside the earth.

       Lord Kuber is mostly worshiped in the form of Yantra. 

              Mythological conviction says Lord Kuber is the son of Lord Brahma and is the ruler of Alkapuri

             Kuber is also called Isasakha because he is supposed to be a worshiper of Shiva as well as a close associate of the mighty god.

The pooja of Lord Kuber yields materialistic comforts, the devotee will never have shortage of wealth and his business will flourish.

Lord Kuber the treasurer of all Gods. 
Lord Kuber was very proud of his wealth. 
Lord Kuber loved 2 show off his wealth. 
Lord Kuber had built big palaces so that he could show off his wealth. 
Lord Kuber most of the times organize many events and call all the Gods to amaze them. 
No matter how much Lord Kuber spend his wealth it never come to an end.

               Once again Lord Kuber came to a mood of  showing his wealth and he organised a food event where he wanted to call all the Lords of the heaven.

And as Lord Kuber was a strong believer of Lord Shiva, Kuber decided to give the first invitation to Lord Shiva and family .

So Lord Kuber went on his very costly and beautiful chariot to mount Kailash to invite Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati along with other Gods and Goddess to the food feast to be held in his palace and wishing to show off his wealth and riches. 

          But, the couple denied Kuber's request and knowingly said that they could send Bal Ganesh instead and you feed him as he want. 

Lord Kuber laughed at this and said " I can feed thousands of children like this." And Kuber left to invite the other Gods.

The day of the feast arrived. Lord Kuber had made a grand preparation. Kuber's servants were running here and there busy in the feast preparation.

Lord Kuber greeted all the Gods who came and then Bal Ganesh arrived. And Kuber went to greet Ganapatti and took Bal Ganesh to the dining table and seated him and assured Ganesh that he could eat as much as he can.

Bal Ganesh went and sat down to eat. 
Bal Ganesh started eating all the food placed in front of him. 

As was the custom, more and more food was served to him, as 
Bal Ganesh did not say that he had enough. 
Bal Ganesh demanded for more and more food.

Then Kuber,politely said Ganesh that more food is being cooked and once it is cooked he will serve it to him. But the child(Bal Ganesh ) could not control his hunger and he ate all the raw n half cooked food.

Soon there was no more food in the palace and so 
Lord Kuber ordered his troops to get more food from the surrounding villages. 
But Ganesh continued eating and there was no more food to be found. 

Still very hungry, Ganesh started eating all the furniture,utensils and other items. Kuber became very frightened. 

Lord Ganesh told him, " You promised my parents you will feed me. 
Now, I have to eat you up as I am still very hungry ".

 Hearing this, 
Lord Kuber ran away for his life and Bal Ganesh also ran after him and both reached Mount Kailash . And Lord Kuber felt on Lord shiva's feet and pleaded Lord Shiva to save him from Lord Bal Ganesh

Lord kuber asking for forgiveness

Then Lord Kuber narrated the whole story to Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva also asked his son, Ganapatti about the matter and Bal Ganesh told, "father,Lord Kuber had promised to give as much food as i wish,but he did not satisfy my hunger,so i am running after him."

Lord Shiva,then asked Bal Ganesh to go to the palace and eat the modaks that Mother Parvati had made for him and leave Kuber. As per the order Bal Ganesh left to eat his favorite food.

Kuber felt sorry for his deed and asked Lord Shiva for forgiveness. Kuber was ashamed for the pride that he had for his wealth and that he could serve the whole universe. 

Lord Shiva told Kuber to give up his pride and serve 
the people with humility, because by doing this not only he himself and also other people will be satisfied. Lord Kuber promised not to show off and be proud of  his wealth.

This teaches the lesson that even a handful of puffed rice given with love and eaten with devotion 
is more important.

Thus, Lord Ganesh taught Lord Kuber a lesson of the result of being pride.

So,friends we should remember that, "The house of pride always remains empty". 

Click here to download and enjoy the video of this story of Lord Bal Ganesh and Lord Kuber.


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Lord Ganesh teaches Lord Kuber a lesson Story


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